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So I was watching this, because Venus Angelic shared it on facebook and this particular part really broke my heart. 

Emily (or Luna as she calls her doll personality) says in this programme that she feels more confident and that she loves herself more when she dresses up as a doll (in cute clothes, lots of the outfits that were shown in the episode were less exteme than the one she’s wearing for this confrontation with her stepmother). 

And when she wants to share this with her family, they look at her as if she was a freak. That is not okay. It’s okay for them to think: “Wow, that looks different” or even “This is not my particular style and I do not like this look.” but saying to your daughter/step daughter or even a fucking friend that you want to see the “beautiful” version of them by stripping them of what makes them confident (in this case Luna’s wig) is not fucking okay. 

I know this is coming as something that doesn’t match my blog at all, but I really can’t stress enough that dolly girls and boys mostly don’t dress up for you to judge, but for us to have confidence and feel beautiful, which Luna obviously does when she’s in her wig and lashes. 

This is a creative outlet. Nobody says “Can you stop painting so we can see the real you?” or “Can you stop playing football so we can see the real you?” 

Gosufhsh this just makes me frustrated and I’m happy TLC actually for once made the “weird one” look in the right. This programme could have been made very differently and I think it’s a great showcase of some of the beautiful dolly people that live among us - they even got a boy in there, which is something I’ve personally never seen before!

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sekai ichi hatsukoi, i regret nothing


When I saw this...


come on ritsu….ya know you like it

...I was like this

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Fangirling over anime guys.




Look at them.

Hnnng. I’m so forever alone.

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